Meet The Crew

Michael Schuessler
Michael Schuessler: CEO of Global CamZ Unlimited and  President of Video Production

Bio:  Born in Germany. Producer and Co-founder of Denver’s Heartbeat. (CEO of Heart 2 Heart Productions LLC). Local music Television show in Denver. CO. 1998-present.  Specializes in Directing, Cinematography, Filming, Editing Post Production using Final Cut, and Camera Operations, including Control board switching for multiple cameras, Set Design. Michael is also CEO and Artist of Schuessler Studios for over 30 years, a Master of large scale Chalk Pastels on Canvas, and murals.

Armand Guerrero
Armand Guerrero : FAA certified Cinematographer/Director Producer-Mechanical Engineer of Cinematography

Bio;   Colorado Native, Cinematographer, Cinematographer Engineer, Director of Photography, Post Production Editor in Final Cut, Camera Crane Operator, Motion Camera Equipment Fabricator. Diving Certified Cinematographer, FAA Certified A&P Mechanic. Foundry Engineer, Special effects and Professional Sculptor.

Sherry Schuessler
Sherry  Schuessler: Director of Public Relations

Bio: Host, Executive Producer/ CEO of Denver’s Heartbeat from 1998-present (Heart 2 Heart Productions LLC) President of Brightside Productions, local production company that featured short stories on Local Access TV  in Denver from 1996-1998.  Producer and CEO of Mile High Madness, local comedy on local Denver Television Publicist for well known local book author and Photographer with Schuessler Studios